TV-am Launch

Photos of material relating to TV-am’s launch on 1st February, 1983

Sunday Telegraph magazine

Sunday Telegraph magazine

The launch of breakfast television in the UK often made front page news and features in 1983

Here are some highlights of the first day courtesy of Transdiffusion and You Tube:

Staff newsletter

TV-am staff newsletter

Front cover of the very first TV-am staff newsletter, featuring the TV-am building in sketch form

Script for Good Morning Britain, TV-am

Good Morning Britain script

The TV-am archive holds many documents. Here’s the script and running order for the very first Good Morning Britain. We asked Sir Michael Parkinson to sign it.

Sir Michael Parkinson TV Times

Sir Michael Parkinson with the TV Times

Famous Five presenter and TV-am shareholder Sir Michael Parkinson reads through the TV-am launch edition of TV Times on a visit to the TV-am archive. He kindly signed this copy, too. He features on the front cover in cartoon form.

TV Times 1983

Inside the TV-am launch issue of TV Times

TV Times highlights what viewers will be served up if they tune into TV-am, ITV’s new breakfast service

TV Times TV-am launch issue

TV Times TV-am Launch issue, January 1983

TV Times celebrates the arrival of breakfast television on ITV with a wonderful illustration featuring The Famous Five presenters who’ll launch the station on 1st February 1983. This copy, for the Anglia TV region, is signed by Sir Michael Parkinson.

Flyer for advertisers, TV-am

Invitation to advertisers from TV-am

These breakfast plates were sent to potential advertisers, inviting them to attend a briefing about breakfast TV

Press Release TV-am Launch 1983

TV-am Press Release January 1983

The press gets to know the faces of TV-am, January 1983

Look In magazine 1983

Look In magazine

Junior TV Times welcomes TV-am with a front page ad

TV-am Programme Guide 1983

TV-am’s first Programme Guide, February 1983

At long last... details of what’s going to be on TV-am

TV-am Rate Card 1983

TV-am Rate Card 1983

Details of how much it will cost to advertise on TV-am in the first rate card

TV-am ad 1983

TV-am arrives in Camden Town

Booklet offering office space for hire within TV-am’s new studio complex in Camden Town, North London


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