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Lizzie Webb

She’s probably best known for being TV-am’s health and fitness presenter, but there’s a lot more to Lizzie Webb than you may think.

For a decade Lizzie woke up the nation twice a morning with her lively exercise and dance routines on “Good Morning Britain” and “After Nine” and between 1983 and 1992 she became one of the most popular presenters on breakfast TV.

But, Lizzie’s background is in teaching and her drive to make a difference to the futures of many troubled youngsters in London’s toughest schools helped transform lives of young people who would otherwise have been cast aside or turned to a life of crime.

“Lizzie Webb - Mad About the Boys” tells the story of Lizzie’s amazing career in her own words and gives an insight into the problems facing schools and prisons as they struggle to rehabilitate young offenders.

Lizzie says: “This is not a book about a life in television or about showbiz gossip. Being on TV was only part of my life. I was persuaded to write my story by a journalist friend who knew I’d penned 5000 words about my experiences of teaching excluded youngsters in Reading. I wrote that just for myself in 2009. Ten years later I decided I would do the job properly and write a full account of my work and ‘Mad About the Boys’ is the result.

It’s taken me nearly four years but it has been a great trip down memory lane and I’ve been reminded about many things I’d forgotten along the way. I really hope people will enjoy the fun stories about my time on TV-am but also realise that fitness can play a huge part in schools and prisons and appreciate that through the dedication of every single teacher every pupil, no matter what their background, can have a future.”

ITV’s Lorraine Kelly, a former TV-am colleague of Lizzie’s said “A really lovely and heart warming read” and Gyles Brandreth another former TV-am colleague said “A wonderful story, wonderfully told. Funny, touching, inspiring”

Lizzie Webb - Mad About the Boys is published in May 2023 by Whitefox Publishing, priced £20


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