Timmy Mallett visits TV-am archives



Timmy Mallett at TV-am

Timmy Mallett has returned to TV-am to see the company archives and donate some of his own material to the collection. Included are hundreds of his own VHS recordings featuring TV-am programmes he appeared in including Pop on Tuesday, Summer Run, Wide Awake Club and Wacaday. Timmy says he recorded every show he made with the intention of watching them back afterwards. “The problem was I was always too busy to watch them as we were always thinking straight away about the next show that was coming up”, says Timmy.

Timmy Mallett appeared on TV-am between 1983 and 1992. Wacaday launched in October 1985, introducing Viewers to Mallett’s Mallet and Pinky Punky.

You can read all about Timmy’s career in his new book “Utterly Brilliant - My Life’s Journey”.


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