TV-am architecture under the spotlight



TV-am studios, Camden Lock

The TV-am archive has been helping a top architectural historian learn more about the design and history of Sir Terry Farrell’s Breakfast Television Centre.

Lea-Catherine Szacka is a lecturer at the University of Manchester and specialises in post modern architecture. She is just about to embark on a trip to Montreal where she will be talking about the TV-am building at the Canadian Centre for Architecture.

Ms Szacka wanted to see how the building was used on-air in TV-am programmes, such as in keep fit slots, fashion shows, news bulletins and pop music features. Her Canadian talk follows several years researching the breakfast TV complex at Camden Lock, North London.

Last year two of her students spent a day going through photos and documents as part of their research into the TV-am building.

Ms Szacka told us “It’s been amazing to access this vast archive and learn more about TV-am in a relaxed, friendly environment. The wealth of material is incredible, and I have enjoyed finding out more not only about the building, but the TV station and personalities as well. It was good to discuss TV-am in detail and get answers to my many questions. This will all be very useful for my forthcoming talk in Canada.”

Above: Lea-Catherine Szacka, Lecturer in Architectural Studies, University of Manchester examining documents at TV-am


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