New TV-am website gets Georgey’s approval



Georgey Spanswick with new TV-am website

Georgey Spanswick with TV-am website

BBC Local Radio evening show presenter Gerorgey Spanswick was quick to log onto TV-am’s brand new website, launched on 1st February 2018.

Georgey, a former TV-am presenter, was taking a look at the redesigned site to find out what was new in the TV-am archive. She worked at TV-am from 1985 to 1989 starting off in the Duty Office but later becoming a weather presenter and host of various children’s programmes including WAC and Cue George.

Georgey said, “This is fantastic, with so much nostalgia. The photos take me back, and I remember stuffing envelopes with those presenter photo cards back in the day!”

You can hear Georgey on BBC Local Radio across England on weeknights between 7 & 10pm.

Georgey Spanswick at TV-am


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