Good Morning Britain

GOOD MORNING BRITAIN was TV-am's flagship programme, initially on the air seven days a week but in later years broadcast Monday to Friday on ITV.   The first screening was on 1st February 1983 presented by DAVID FROST and ANNA FORD.   ANGELA RIPPON and MICHAEL PARKINSON were also part of the early presentation team.   ROBERT KEE read the news on the first morning.  The studio set was designed by Eileen Diss and the theme tune music was composed by Jeff Wayne.  The programme kept the same opening titles and music for 10 years.  The set had a few makeovers over the years but remained pretty true to the original design, later copied by GMTV and Daybreak. 

In April 1983 NICK OWEN became main presenter working firstly with LYNDA BERRY and then from June 1983 with ANNE DIAMOND.  Nick and Anne worked four days a week and when they were away they were replaced by JOHN STAPLETON.  In 1984 JAYNE IRVING became holiday cover for Anne.  MIKE MORRIS and HENRY KELLY were also regular presenters, especially on the Saturday morning edition.  DAVID FROST hosted Sunday's GMB.

In 1985 there were several guest presenters on the weekday edition, including NANETTE NEWMAN, ANDY CRAIG and ANNEKA RICE.

NICK OWEN presented his last GMB in August 1986.   He was replaced for a short time by ADRIAN BROWN.   In October 1986 MIKE MORRIS and RICHARD KEYS took it in turns to co-present with ANNE DIAMOND and ANNEKA RICE

There was a change of format in January 1987 with the creation of the 6am to 7am 'news hour' format presented by RICHARD KEYS or MIKE MORRIS.  At 7am ANNE DIAMOND would join to co-present the rest of GMB.  JAYNE IRVING and KAY BURLEY took over when Anne went on maternity leave in the summer.  GEOFF MEADE and DAVID FOSTER sometimes presented the programme.  CAROLINE RIGHTON co-presented the first hour.

The programme was disrupted for several months during the ACTT dispute and did not really return in full until spring 1988.  A re-launch in July saw the creation of THE MORNING PROGRAMME between 6am and 7am presented by RICHARD KEYS.  MIKE MORRIS and ANNE DIAMOND were now the regular presenters on GMB.  In November 1988 Anne was replaced by a combination of female presenters - KATHRYN HOLLOWAY, KATHY ROCHFORD and LORRAINE KELLY.  

In March 1989 KATHY TAYLER was appointed main presenter with MIKE MORRIS.  Kathy presented GMB until October when she took over from JAYNE IRVING on AFTER NINE.   At the same time LORRAINE KELLY became regular co-presenter with MIKE MORRIS.   MAYA EVEN, KATHRYN HOLLOWAY and LINDA MITCHELL were used as holiday cover, with MARTIN FRIZELL and RICHARD KEYS covering for Mike. 

The last edition of GOOD MORNING BRITAIN was presented by MIKE MORRIS and LORRAINE KELLY on 31st December 1992.  


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