Above:  Sir Michael Parkinson thumbs through some of the publications held in the TV-am Archive, in this case a copy of TV Times featuring the launch of TV-am in February 1983, complete with the "Famous Five" presenters on the front cover.

Here are just a few more of the many documents and publications we hold in our extensive library:

TV-am Ltd          Annual Report & Accounts 1986                                 
TV-am plc          Annual Report & Accounts 1987
TV-am plc          Annual Report & Accounts 1988
TV-am plc          Annual Report & Accounts 1989
TV-am plc          Annual Report & Accounts 1990
TV-am plc          Annual Report & Accounts 1991
TV-am plc          Annual Report & Accounts 1992

Above:  Peter Jay donates the letter written to him by the IBA in December 1980 awarding TV-am the franchise for breakfast-time TV

TV-am Franchise Application 1980
TV-am Franchise Application 1991
IBA and ITC Franchise Invitations and Guides for Breakfast TV

We also hold the original signed contract between TV-am and the Independent Broadcasting Authority, setting out TV-am's obligations as an ITV programme contractor.

TV-am Programme Schedules
TV-am Advertising Rate Cards for ITV, Channel 4 and S4C 1986 – 1992
TV-am The Marketing Facts 1986 – 1987
TV-am Audience Analysis (Various documents)
TV-am Programme Fact Sheets and Fact Files

TV-am Studio Operations Guide
TV-am Graphics Guide
TV-am MCR Guide
TV-am Studio Design & Plans

Terry Farrell Architectural Monographs & Terry Farrell in the Context of London
Architecture Review June 1983
World of Interiors October 1983

Above:  Gyles Brandreth thumbs through some old documents in the TV-am archive.

TV-am Diary 1989
Roland Rat & Friends Annual 1
Roland Rat & Friends Annual 2
Roland Rat & Friends Annual 3
Wide Awake Club Annual 1987
Wide Awake Club Annual 1988
Wide Awake Club Annual 1989
Wide Awake Club Annual 1990
WAC One Minute Mysteries
WAC Jokes
WAC Ghosts, Monsters and Legends
WAC Snax
TV-am Official Celebration of the Royal Wedding 1986
Success 88
Success 90
Success 91
Feeling Fine in 89
Old and Cold
Cervical Cancer Campaign
Women in the 90s
Growing Up Green
Fun in the Sun
Pounds Shillings and Sense
Lizzie Webb’s Total Health & Fitness

IBA Television and Radio 1981
IBA Television and Radio 1982
IBA Television and Radio 1983
IBA Television and Radio 1984
IBA Television and Radio 1985
IBA Television and Radio 1986
IBA Television and Radio 1987
IBA Television and Radio 1988
Understanding Breakfast TV
TV Times
Treachery? The Power Struggle at TV-am
Morning Glory – history of British breakfast TV
Independent Television in Britain Volume 5
Independent Television in Britain Volume 6
ITV 50 – The People’s Channel
ITV Cultures – ITV Over 50 Years
One Day in the Life of Television
Television Graphics
Anne Diamond Girl Next Door
Anne Diamond A New You
Nick Owen In the Time of Nick
Greg Dyke Inside Story
Citizen Greg
Frank Bough’s Breakfast Book
Honest Ulrika Jonsson
The World’s Shortest BooksPrivate Eye
Under the Hammer – the ITV Franchise battle 

Peter Jay - The Crisis for Western Political Economy and other Essays:  Betrayal by Clerks, The Lessons of TV-am.  

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